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Mansfield Park 1983 picspam

When I was preparing for the Mansfield Park post I ended up with way too many pictures. I though I would share "a few".

Not a great one, but Mansfield Park looks like this.

The fashions

Miss Crawford


Mrs Norris

Lady Bertram

Marat, is that you?

Some group pictures

Fanny helps Mr Rushworth to learn his lines. Not much help.

The Crawford siblings and Mrs Grant. So colourful compared to the rest.

Ball dresses are more like what I'm used to see in Regency productions.

Sir Thomas, Mrs Norris and lady Bertram enjoy the ball.

Maria and Mr Crawford acting scandalous. Like her hair here.

Liked this view of Portsmouth.

Some of the closed used are not what I'd expect from an Austen novel and something of the cut of others remind me of oldfashioned clothes I've found in cupboards. Sign of the 80s production?

he's like an onion, so many layers. Her dress, not so modern take on regency.

And why not have a look at her wedding dress as well.


Miss Crawford seems to have stolen that hat and the last dress from the BBC version of P&P. What is weird about everyone else's cloths is that the ladies gowns are high=necked (often with collars) and don't hit the bust right. The men's clothes are...lol.
XD quite possible.

And then there are the buttons and sewing techniques. And mr Crawford in layers. XD The ball dresses have lower necklines and there are times when low necklines are worn. I can't quite figure out if it is supposed to take place earlier than the other versions or is it just a different take on fashion.
Its definitely not earlier, which had wider skirts, and lower waistlines (remember a mere ten, twenty years ago takes you to the French Revolution etc.) with larger hair. They might be setting it later into the 1820s-1830s, but once again you have wider skirts and the hair is quite different. I think it is just a different take on fashion.

Your Onion!Crawford made me laugh!
A year or two could make a difference in fashion, but I do tend to agree it's another take on fashion. I seem to hava a thing agains the 80s. The P&P and MP series are close to the book, but they feel dull. They make the restrict and social manners of Regency look so boring and fashion as well is not as enjoyable than in more recent adaptations.
They don't always create a world which feels like people really live in it, and it can give it a dull and/or theatrical feel. Newer adaptations feel like they show a world people actually are living in.
hard to say without living in it, but maybe they really did suppress themselves so much in polite society that it looks almost theatrical to us. It is interesting to see how interpretations change with time. I might make a conclusive post once I've finished all the six novels.
Oh, I think through the eyes of the young ladies, such as Jane Austen and all her main characters, that really was what life was like, what society was like. But there were still lower classes and political upheveal and radicals and all that. We just don't see that because it is not something Austen and proper society probably discussed much. I doubt the conversations were always as stiff as they sometimes could be in Austen's novels though.

No, the "not lived in" aspect comes from littler things, like- do the characters look comfortable in their clothes, as if these are the type of things they always wear, or is it like they are in costume? I really liked that the new P&P had the bennett house feel like people lived there with people's things sometimes about the house or people being comfortable enough to occasionally just sprawl across the furniture etc as if it were their own house not a set (the DVD commentary says the bennett family actually did live there like a week or so before filming in order to get that lived in feeling).
Showing it through the eyes of JA or her characters could be the point. It's really hard to tell what is natural and what is for show after all this time. For example I found young Edmund and fanny interaction in 1983 version very unnatural for children, but we don't know very well how things were back then. What we mostly see is the parade portrait so to say, yet what we think how we would live and act in such circumstances is not very reliable. I'm not trying to say that the latest P&P didn't have a more homely atmosphere, but I'm open to the idea that people back then were willing to practice some more restraint than we would think. Like not sprawling across the furniture unless you were lady Bertram or something. Speaking of lived in feeling, I like it when they add animals running around and servants actually being more than decorations.
Some of these fashions are quite hilarious. Like the hat Mary is wearing in the first group picture.

he's like an onion, so many layers.
LOL how are you so good at such pithy and funny comments? HE IS AN ONION. I CRY FOR THEE.

... for some reason, Mary Crawford reminds me of Amelia Bedelia...
I admit, that was the only reason I made that screencap.

XD *bows* The onion imaginary helped me to get over the fact that people actually wore those.

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Amelia Bedelia.
Amelia Bedelia. It's not the best image, but I think it's the hair, and the round hat.