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Mansfield Park 1999 picspam

The manor is much more romantic here.

Young Fanny.

Your typical 1999 Fanny, amused by the things she writes.

This explains why lady Bertram is the way she is.

The most matronly Mrs Norris I believe.



This version has the poorest Prices. They don't have servants at all.
Edmund/Fanny is not a sudden final moment development in this version.


This version is my favorite though they definitely took a lot of liberties. Its sort of like they took the story and looked at it and put in things they thought were probably there but that Jane Austen just did not feel was polite to talk about (the slavery thing might be a good example. Austen wrote that was Sir Thomas' land because she knew someone who had that. Yet, slaves would have been a big issue, especially in very "fast" and/or intellectual groups in London as in 1811 England abolished slavery after a lot of hearted politics.) It was sort of weird how that was such a big emphasis.

Jane Austen as Fanny was sort of weird, especially since I really like that Fanny is different from the standard heroine, but the costume designs for her and for Miss Crawford say a lot about their characters.

Wonder how time appropriate Ed's shorn hair is.
I think that them having properties in Antigua is mostly put in to have an excuse for sir Thomas to go away for over a year. Hm London society is not exactly a good thing in MP. It's like they took the relationships from Mansfield Park and ran off with them making their own story out of it.

Edmund's hair changes a lot, doesn't it? From long in 1983 to this. No idea how appropriate it is. The more I learn the less I know.
Oh, it is something to get Sir Thomas off the stage, but there's also a reason she chose that particular way to get him off stage. Austen wrote to ask the people who owned land in Antigua about it at one point.

I think Mansfeild reflects a very certain set of morals, really one that's kind of repressive almost. But then, Austen did not like the Regent or the watlz or some of those other things that were contraversial morally from that time....
Makes me wonder do we really want to know the main characters' views on slavery.
The main characters of the book or of the 1999 movie?

This is horrid, but I'd guess of the book (and possibly Austen herself) they probably didn't think about it much. I think if they did think about, there might be some intellectual objections. But Antigua is a world or more away from the day-to-day life of England. They probably didn't think of it that much at all.
The book. The 1999 characters already shared some of theirs.

That sound about the impression I got from the book. The one time Fanny asked about it was more about social interaction than anything, I think, it would be much clearer if we actually knew what it was and what answer she got. Sir Thomas has been there and might have opinions.
I like how this version dove right into the Prices' situation and how very poor they are. I'm also strangely fond of this Mary Crawford. Edmund was a bit more bland.

I think this is the version where they shot the dance scene linking together the gaze/lines of Henry Crawford-Fanny-Edmund? It was a really well-done shot.
I found her family much more likeable here. In 1983 mrs Price cuddled her spoiled Betsy and mr Price was mostly drunk. 2007 left them out entirely.