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Mansfield Park 2007 picspam

In the 2007 version the house feels the grandest

And they love picnics


Frail health and timid manners? I think not. This version loves to run around the house.

Miss Crawford

She is not above using blatant seduction techniques like this. And they work on Edmund.

Lady Bertram

Mrs Norris

Various characters

How nice of them to line up for me like this.

I liked this William much better than 1983 and 1999 left him out altogether.

They really don't like to have their parties inside, do they? Edmund and Fanny waltz. 


For someone with such "high" morals, I'm quite shocked that Fanny would consent to waltzing!

I'd never seen or heard of this version before. I'm a little intrigued, mostly because its Doctor Who's Rose Tyler as Fanny (she does indeed seem much more vivacious than book!Fanny ever could be!)

With her husband, but yes it was very weird and Edmund is a clergyman.

Give it a go, it's not very long.

.____. sorry, I don't even understand why it annoys me this much, but it does.

LOL at the stocking! And what is Mrs. Bertram wearing on her head? That's not a very flattering hat.

William--he's the middle brother, right?

This version's Edmund always gives off this rather morose impression. It's his face, or something in it. ^^;
I think it is the lack of decorum. A lady does not act like this. When 1999 Fanny runs, she is immediately scolded for it, here nobody cares. And Fanny is supposed to be a highly moral lady with frail health.

Which one? She had interesting ones here.

William was Fanny's older brother. In 1983 he felt a little whiny and it was hard to understand what everybody liked about him.
That's a good point. Even though 1999!Fanny also ran around a bit, people reprimanded her. 2007!Fanny is like, la! I have the run of the house~

The third picture; it looks like she's wearing a wet wrapped-up rag or something like that.

oh wait, William as in Fanny's brother who's in the military? I remember him now.
And she doesn't feel particularly grateful. She lies to mrs Norris, talks back to her. The running. She is not bad per se, but she is definitely lacking in manners by MP standards, yet everybody seems to still think of her as the perfectly selfless book Fanny.

Ah, it's the same as the second one. A turban of sorts? XD

Yes, the brother in the navy. He was much more charming in 2007 version. I tried to look up the wrapped up ponytail he had, but failed. Is that a sailor thing? He had it in 1983 as well till he was made lieutenant.
Yes, the manners! There was something off about that.

It's not a particularly magnificent turban, it looks like it's coming loose. XD

I don't know much about navy customs back then. Perhaps it was the fashion then? Personally I think it's impractical, what if the hair gets into your face while you're climbing the ropes, but ah well. ^^;
It is a possibility that they tried to make her look natural and unspoiled by having her be a little less cultivated, but if they did, they it didn't come out well.

Turban had a love child with a veil?

It was a bound ponytail, looks a bit like a rat's tail, it might actually have been useful for keeping the hair out of eyes, but it sure looked weird. And nobody else wears one like he does in both versions.

Yes, and the love child then unfortunately drowned in the tub before being taken up as a hair appendage.

Maybe it's a visual distinction to show he's from the ~navy~, regardless of actual time period fashions? Not just the presence of it, but the way it appears?
But it shows up in both 1983 and 2007 versions and they are very different. It's so hard a thing to look up. My googling skills fail.

Completely random, but are you in need of another Dong Yi summary. I was watching it yesterday and thought a lot has happened since I wrote the last one.
I suppose we could just leave it as an inexplicable aspects? ^^;

I would love another Dong Yi summary! I haven't been watching anything lately besides sneaking in an SPN episode here and there. If it isn't too much of a hassle, I would be very interested in reading your summary. :D
I guess. :)

I'll email it when it's ready. Are you familiar with the lady investigator characters? I'm not quite sure where you stopped watching.
I stopped watching around the time where Dong Yi had been accepted into the bureau and they had messed around with her testing. I believe this was before the assignment to shadow the Chinese diplomat (?). I'll probably need to jog my memory, but I think I would recognize them. Thank you so much! :D
The ones you need to know are madam Jung, madam Bong, madam Yuu, Jung Eum, Ae Jong, Shi Bi and Eun Geum. I'll try to put in some reference to who they are.
That would be great, thank you ♥
Seems they used the costumes that left after "Pride and Prejudice" >.>; Also Edmund has Mr. Darcy's hairstyle...

Fanny Played Rose in "Doctor Who" TV series.
Well you have to get the costumes from somewhere. :P P&P came out much better.

Never seen Doctor Who. Is the actress generally giggly or is it a Fanny thing?
Thanks for the warning >.>; I can't say I enjoyed the newest version of P&P and now it seems I should also avoid Mansfield Park .__.;

I have no idea. I haven't watched the series, but my friends did, so I recognize her face.
I enjoyed the P&P a bit more the second time around when I paid more attention to the way of life rather than the story, the plot has taken out the pride and the prejudice.