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User manual WTF

I've been in hermit mode again for a while. I'll try to come back soon, but I thought I would share this before it got old news.

The new potato peeler came with instructions. No wonder the Estonian sticker only say potato peeler. cookie point for anyone who can figure out what the first point is supposed to be.


Oh wow. That's impressive. XD I'm sure these directions would be intensely useful to someone attempting to use them to demystify a potato peeler.

....Yeah. XP
My favourite is the part about empress. XD Oh and does the line just under the sticker have 'fuck' in it? Yeah, really helpful. XDD
Did they use babelfish to translate it? o_O;
I believe you are right.
It's really impressive how useless those instructions are. o.O

Maybe the first point is trying to say that you should wash the peeler before and/or after using it?
Could be. The possibility of the procedure of first cleaning also came to mind.

Those are definitely the best instructions I've ever encountered. XP
WOW. *is awed at the utter gibberish*

First step... something like, "Before using this to make a meal, first rinse and clean it for use again"?

/le sigh. This does not deserve the name of "instructions"... XDD
Those are not instructions, those are "the attention that use the top orders" XDD

Maybe it would be helpful to try to put it back to Chinese and then try to understand, but I wouldn't count on it.
If I'm bored, I think I'll try my hand at translating these from (broken) English to English. XD
I tried to at least understand what the point was and with some consideration I think I made some progress, but I believe knowledge of how Chinese works would be helpful.
This cracked me up laughing. Wow. It's a good thing I already know how to use a potato peeler, otherwise I would just be completely confused.
I had forgotten about this. It's the divide by vegetable error! Seriously, if I hadn't known what it is, I would never have figured it out by these instructions. Must be babblefished Chinese, nothing else comes out this incomprehensible.