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dancing mice

Is it yummytimes yet?

Forgive the poor video quality.


Awwwww, they're so cute! ♥

...My cat liked them too, which I bet sounds really ominous if you're a guinea-pig. She sat on the table when I first watched the video, and then I had to play it like ten times. She was all "look, they're small and fluffy and they move and I want to eat one!!". XD
♥ This kind of thing happens every time. Nana is so impatient and does this two steps to the right, two steps to the left thing while Roseta patiently waits on the stairs till the feeder gets there.

Heh, my girls really don't know to be scared of cats. When they are in their outdoors cage, my aunt's cat sometimes goes to have a look and they don't feel like hiding while they do hide from humans. XD
Definitely yummytimes :P
XD It's the daily is-the-food-here-yet dance.
What cuties!

I honestly couldn't tell if it was a bunny or guinea pig - it was so hairy and it made me think of the Dog of Flanders! And it was moving around and I was like: "Why is it so excited?" And then you fed them, and I was like: "O, well, thar be my answer!" XD
The excited one is a long haired guinea pig, the other one has a few long hair, but I would say it's more rosette hair. I know some of my guest have been surprised by how long the hair actually is.
Eating is serious business! XD
awww, they're so cute! :DDD ♥
Aww! Everyone else has already said it, but yes, they ARE cute! Pets love their routines so much. Is that them making all those chirping noises?

*steals a bite of salad*
I guess it's hard not to be cute when you are little ball of fluff. :D One "dancing" and the other one waiting on the stairs till the right moment is definitely a routine.

I'm afraid the sound quality is beyond terrible. At first I didn't even recognise the sound of water running in the kitchen to wash the salad and then there is the tv on the background. I don't remember them making any other than eating sounds. They do squeek or however you call it, from time to time, but they are not very chatty, I've had pigs that demand their food loud and clear.

Nana is not pleased with your salad stealing habits and steals it right back.
It's neat to watch them express thier individual personalities. No matter how small they may be, they still have plenty of personality.

Maybe it was the sound of the water running, then. I've heard that guinea pigs can be very vocal. I've not had much contact with them, besides the few that would turn up at the animal shelter where I worked. They always seemed really skittish and shy.

Too bad. Those salad greens looked pretty yummy.
So far I've had 7 guinea pigs and they have all had different characters, but they are shy and skittish by nature. There are all kinds of noises they can make although I can't imagine it getting so bad that anyone would complain about it.

Heh, they keep stealing it from each other all the time.